"Tsipras and Polakis are the only thing" they say in the ND about what NACH 's Prime Minister said in; Chaibineat

20/02/19 • 18:15 UPD 20/02/19 • 18:22


Again, Tsipras, in their preferred approach to issues related to the & # 39; his friend Paul Polakis, defense shield

There was no one who hoped that Alexis Tsipras would stop Chaibineit's refusal that Paul Paulis's idea was finally denied.

The Prime Minister of the country, in their best practice, raised issues related to his health deputy minister, again a defense shield and this was not noticed by his / her; key challenges.

The ND's sources describe the aforesaid Mr Tsipras said to him; Chaibineit said: "No-one was expected by Mr Tsipras to convince Paul today. Everyone has already understood why he will keep in his government: Tsipras and Polakis are the only thing. "

We remember that Alexis Tsipras, who's a? refers to the issue of a Polakis unnamed, which urges ministers to see the bigger picture, going on to our great goals and their achievements – and not being caught in a conflict that the enemy has done; Next We would let Cassandres of Destruction and the rare messages that, when they were managing the economy, were thrown into the rocks and did not do any of their strategies and evaluations repeatedly, to deal with questions related to micropolitics and gossip for-like.

We continue to do our own work, our own work, who wants to do it; breathe the economy, support the weakest, move forward to the fundamental ambitious transformation, but also to strengthen justice awareness for citizens and the internationally renowned country ".

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