"We do not make black and we can not be black"

In a tall tone, the House Speaker, Nikos Voutsis, replied not earlier in the House, where the challenge faced his Prime Minister for a strong attack, when the letter had ruled the House.

"That prime minister said and I feel that it must be repeated again from this stage. We are not always in black and we can not be black. There is no attempt in this guide falling into the gap, but also its beginner's guide to the boundaries of our democracy, "said Nikos Voutsis, who spoke in the full series.

The House of Representatives House warned that a review had been held in the last few years, which "cannibalize" messages to the messages, by "abolishing the public" against his / her; free conscience and MP, "retoric against the face of just democracy".

At the same time, he stressed the fact that the design that attempts to "institutional weakness" and its " Parliament "can be used" without use "for both cases – the government and parliamentary president – the constitutional right can challenge the incumbent.

Mitsotakis's last founding stability

"I can not understand that, today, for the time, the chief of the main challenges has referred me by explaining me not to be Achieving my establishment role and that I should return the letter to the Prime Minister and the letters to the six Members, the President of the House said and stressed:

"I'm saying it really. I challenge the invitation and the invitation to work against and against the majority of the House and the face of his Prime Minister, I do not want to congratulate and even think that the stationary failure of the stations is going to resign it! Why is it about it? Such an invitation made me to the head of his / her main challenges in a basic induction! "

"Rhetoric that suits six"

Regarding criticism and attacks on Members' movement, the House Speaker stated that there were similar examples in governments with their first and second memorandum.

"Members may not be excluded from what happens. I will protect any Member who has done any new violence and change his position to any party or came to become an independent MP. I protect them. Clearly, what is happening is so important that they are developing political preferences. So that agreement must end, "said among others.

In particular for the letters of the six parliaments, he explained that their statements were not exclusively related to voters but for voters. In any case, each of the six members who have sent letters can say if they agree to a piece of legislation, as Nikos Voutsis said.

Mr Voutsis warned that this statement against the MPs is "a significant retort that is six" dangerous, much larger so that not only is it used by political parties but also that It used "with public verification, with negative messages and … .packages that want to attract and target BP" and that those uses need to find all political forces across their & # 39; board.

"It's pretty clean. Any political force that believes that the current government confidence about the House is going to continue with its bottom process relevant news, "said the House Speaker at this time, and he asked that the letters of the six parliaments would aim to be at # 39; avoiding pre-essential votes.

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