Weather: Snow in Attica

09/02/19 • 17:11 | UPD 09/02/19 • 17:11

As the repression shows, the temperature fell sharply throughout the country and there is snow in the northern banks of Attica.

He still does not say the "end … his word" in the winter since the next week has been trying to bring new cold attacks into our country according to the weather repression with the National Meteorological Service.

As the repression shows, the temperature fell sharply throughout the country and there is snow, even in lowland areas in central and northern Greece even on the northern banks of Attica.

According to ο weather There will be snow that will be celebrated at Wednesdays and Wednesdays, but also throughout Thursday. As reported by the NMS, the local clearances are weak and possibly storms in the south-east, the strong northern winds and the frost in the & morning and afternoon in the middle and north of today's main features of the weather.

The weather is Thursday 14 February

Onwards Sunday, February 10, Weather is usually located. To the south, and gradually the west cloud will be developed. In continental visibility, morning and afternoon are limited. The northwest north winds 3 to 5 beaufort, which come from the west to the north and south, turn south with the same intense. The temperatures rise slightly, but in the morning frost, on the continents and outside the country.

An Monday 11 February, in the west, the eastern islands of the Aegean East and the Dodecanese are expected, local waters, and flooding storms will rise from afternoons to the west. In the rest of the country, warm weather in general. Little by night the clouds in Macedonia, Thrace and Thessaly will grow and in the evenings there will be waters. In the morning on the mainland, the publicity will be limited locally. Winds southwest 4 to 6 and gradually to the sea 7 beaufort. The temperature is slightly higher.


Onwards Tuesday 12th February, the weather is wet. Loose storms occur particularly in the central islands, north and eastern Aegean. Snowfalls will be identified in the mid and northern mountains. The ideologies that are locally likely to be strong. The winds to the west of the northwest 4 to 6 and gradually reach the 7 Beaufort Ionian. Small to the north, they turn northwest. The temperature in most of the & # 39; fall.

Onwards Wednesday 13 February, in the east country there is water and in particular there are storms at sea and sea. In the west, it is expected that there will be local waters, when there is snow in the mainland and in the Crete mountain areas as well as the midfields and northern areas. The philosophy, perhaps in the east of the strong places. The winds from north to north 6 to 7 and in northern Aegean are locally 8 and gradually 9. South east south east 4 to 6 beaufort. The temperature will fall. In the morning and in the afternoon, the most northerly and northern continents will become frost.

Onwards Thursday 14 February, scouted with calves and especially in the stormy and seabirds. There are snow in the mountains, continental mountains and possibly in highlands in the middle and north. The philosophies will be constantly restored to the middle and the southern ones, and in the north they will; decline. The northeast is north-east and wind 6 to 8 and Aegean is locally 9 very difficult. The temperature is low.

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