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It is useful in preventing and tackling dangerous weather phenomena in Europe Copernicus program, as described during an event A laboratory of Atmospheric Physics in the Department of Physics of Patras, at the time Earth Day on Geology.

Professor of Physics of the University of Patras, Athanasios Argyriou, speaking at the Athenian-Macedonian News Group, said, amongst other things, current information on forecasting weather in our country in the coming months.

In particular, Argyll & Bute published "temperature" for the time between April and June 2019, it is expected to change on a climate level, as long as it is from May to July and from June to August, at most above average weather. "

About it water he said, "it is expected to move on average during the previously stated period."

The doctor also noted that program data can enhance fire prevention. "By monitoring the soil's moisture it is possible identifying areas of greater risk for a fire event, "he said.

On firearms, he noted that “the system allows searching for the fire in a very good time hence, along with the wind forecasting, that will help plan more effectively to deal with it. "

In addition to the prevention and management of dangerous weather phenomena, programs may help farmers improve agricultural production.

What was Copernicus?

This is said to be the Copernicus program World visual program of the European Union, which gathers information from a number of sources, including satellite ideas, creating environmental, marine and air products looking at climate and changing, thereby supporting emergency regulation and protection t civil parishes.

The members of the program are Member States of the European Union, the European Space Agency and the European Environment Agency.

Finally, Athanasios Argyriou referred to the place of the Atmospheric Physics Laboratory in the Copernicus program, revealing the following:

“The Atomic Physics Laboratory, on the one hand, uses the Copernicus data in its various research activities and is a founding member of the Copernicus Academy. Copernicus Academy connects European Universities, Research Centers, private and non-profit organizations based in partner Member States. The aim of the network is to bring together academic authorities and research centers with authorities and service companies to facilitate research collaboration, develop teaching materials and placements, and bring the next generation of researchers, researchers, and academic researchers to others. science and entrepreneurs the opportunity for researchers. products essential to the full potential of the Copernicus products and information. "

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