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Whatever is worthy of how to get it

Income limits and reactive power

From € 7,000 to € 21,000 of revenue arrangements for proportion rent. The proportion for households living in a rented house and renting into the tax office.

Applications are expected to start at the end of February to the beginning of March, and the installment will be returned from 1 January 2019 and will be between EUR 70 and EUR 210 per month depending on how well # 39; of the family:

For one householder, the share will be 70 euros per month
For each additional member of the household it will be increased by 35 euros per month.
That is, for couples with one child, the annual income income is set at 14,000 euros and is the 140 euros share. For couples without a child, the proportion is 10,500 euros and the allowance is 105 euros. To a large extent, for couples with two children the proportion is increased to 17,500 euros and the share is 175 euros. For couples with three or more children the restriction is set at 21,000 euros and the bonus is 210 seconds.

Money – prepared detailed records.

It is a requirement for the assumption that the rent contract is registered with the tax office so that its cross registration can be electronically via the AAD taxi system. The estate value threshold has started from 120,000 for single-member housing and is rated up to 180,000 euros with an increase of 15,000 euro for each additional member of the family.

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