With co-chairman in the president elections, Zafef and Ahmeti

As a joint advocate, the Social Democratic Union of the Union Zoran Zaev (SDSM) and Ali Ahmeti will be aligned with Ali Ahmeti to future president elections in northern Macedonia.

The agreement was held at today's meeting of the leaders of the two co-founding parties in Skopje

Zayb and Ahmeti counterpart nominee will be announced on Friday.

The largest challenger party, VMRO-DPMNE by Christian Mitskski, has been elected as a candidate for a Statutory Law Profession at the University of Skopje, Gordana Sjiljanovska.

The first round of the president elections in northern Macedonia will take place on April 21 and the second on May 5.

Giorgi Ivanov is the highest political office, which will end on May 12, the winner of the elections.

The term of office of the President of the country lasts for a five year period. The last president's election was held in the spring of 2014. Giorgi Ivanov was then elected as President of the country as a VMRO-DPMNE candidate, Democratic Socialist candidate Shvo Pendarovski.

The powers of a President under the Constitution are limited and related to some security and foreign affairs.

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