With … there are orders of 100 policemen from "leaving" services EL.AS.

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"Where to quit the Code, eliminate other services to reinforce the MATs," said unions, remembering the pre-election commitment of SYRIZA to delete MAT

An order for the consolidation of MATs by 100 policemen was ordered, with the Attica General Policing of Attica on 7 February 2019.

This order was made with orders from EL.AS headquarters. which meant that staff had a " police have been uncertain with the election of police officers to "order of departure" to security services and those who have been in a position. Attendance in protection services for vulnerable targets and individuals, including many government officials.

"Wherever they dispose of the Fund, they eliminated other services to reinforce the MATs," to argue unions, and # 39; Memories of the SYRIZA pre-election commitment to eliminate MAT. There is usually a charge with 100 police officers that means more … 5 PLD teams, but it's especially a & # 39; trying to strengthen the depopulated squad by 25 people, most of which have 12-15 police officers.

At the same time, police officers tell how the "police officer" supplies the 100 police officers, regardless of what they want to wear, but with the … Invasion, with choice of choice for the head of each service.

At the same time, the union trade unions say that new police officers were coming out of police schools. coming out of police schools and getting the training needed, and now there is rough support with unfamiliar police officers aged 25-27 to take part in The service has particular dangers and dangers. There are 1,650 police officers with 49 HMET and YAT cops.

Order order

In order, a number of police police policing departments are requested who wish to be sent to the Police Operations Directorate. In fact, the information was submitted nationally through the Attica Security Directors to 8/2/2019 (yesterday) without delay …

"If we do not have staff of Attica Police Staff, please contact us by the police officer and police officer's date (except the North East Attica Department of Health) 39; the proposal of two police officers to meet the requirements, "the order of writing, essentially tells how the police officers are going to; keep "stronger".

"Selective" Activity

With an urgent sign on the same day, GADA praises, before 12.00 on 9/2/2019 (today), officially recommend the number of digits; Police officers assigned to MAT, with special special distribution. That is, Athens Police Group, 11 Piraeus Police Headquarters, 14 President Attica Targets, 11 Department of Attica 11 Headquarters, Attica 11 Police Force 11, Attica Security Directorate 15, Attica Aliens Directorate 13, Attica Traffic Police 11 (total 100).

The requirements for the selection of staff that should not be transferred to a service outside Attica, should not be subject to the limited provisions for distribution, that it is a battle ; there was no removal of the army, though it was in time. Only those services that should not be lodged were those who were causing a large number of police and union officers of EL.AS. In addition to those who attend Groups of High School Classes or Serious Crime Teams and Reducing Crime and have not received training for staff.

Do not attend at the Athens Police Department subdivision and the … anger is come only those who protect vulnerable targets and tall figures such as government ministers and landlords …

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