As usual, after the termination of a new terminology, the model will prioritize the weakening of the empty stock. This is just the case of the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro. After its first official sale of Xiaomi Mi 9, The company down its price at 500 yuan (65 euros) in China. It is expected that all discounts will be reached on all markets, as will be the main awards this year.

There is currently a price of 2499 yuan (327 euros) for its 6GB + 128GB model. Lei Jun hit the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro product store at the same time as the Xiaomi Mi MIX 3, the main leading storyteller in 2018.

The news was published at Weibo. Xiaomi Group co-founder Wang Chuan said: "Many friends want Xiaomi My Transparent Version 9. Indeed, the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro, its first mobile phone is obvious … just let down its price by 500 yuan and it's worth it! "

The Xiaomi Mi 9 interim version will be officially launched on 1 March with 12GB of RAM + 256GB at a cost of 524 euros. Xiaomi's senior engineer, Zhang Guoquan, said the Mi 8 is worthwhile adding her & # 39; price and the number of improvements it has made since its inception.