Xiaomi My 9: Appearance likely

Xiaomi My 9: Appearance likely

The Xiaomi Mi 9 New Mi Mi 8 is likely to be more planned, as Wang Teng Thomas, Xiaomi's Product Manager will look after & # 39; this particular piece. Thomas was responsible for designing the fashionable series 6 series, with a cubic glass mirror finish in blue and gold.

It is expected that Xiaomi Mi 9 will appear quickly. We expect to see it with a triple camera (48P has one sensor), Snapdragon 855 and we will support your tickets very quickly.

My 6 artist also depends on the appearance of My 9

The machine may appear at the end of the month after the MWC exhibition in Barcelona.

Editor: Pavlos Kroustas

Last updated: Friday, February 8, 2019, 20:15

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