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To say that it has been a bad year for climate change, news is a reality.

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Main points:

  • Greenland smelting has been up to five times larger in the last 20 years of pre-industrial rates
  • Continuing melting is an interesting route where small temperatures have a & n; Increasing meat levels is much larger
  • Greenland Ice continues to water enough to build 7 meter sea levels

Both the Scottish environment and the Inter-Governmental Climate Change Panel (IPCC) were expressed on its & # 39; a short case that we are going to do, and the great efforts to do; required to heat heat to 2 degrees Celsius above pre-active levels.

And in June, research published in Nature emphasized the degree of melting of Antarctic ice pages over the last five years.

Now, a new research that has been published in Nature today has shown that there is a similar movement in Greenland Icelandic.

Ice breed researchers used to carry out a 350-year continuous analysis of ice ice frost in central Scotland.

A sample ice cross is taken from a ice card with a weak card, and shows a transverse that looks back effectively in time, similar to tree rings.

Found over the past 20 years, the smelting phase is as high as five times as high as mesh reeds, and that the level of melting is increasing according to researcher Luke Trusel from Rowan University in the United States Post-

"The main decision we have found is that it has now leaked more in the last decades of any time in the last four centuries, and maybe more than any time in the seven to eight thousand years ago, "said Dr Trusel.

According to their ice samples, 2012 "unconnected" was recorded in the Greenland year of the hardest year.

A larger degree of melting was found in the early 18th century icecrack, which was around the same time as the beginning of Arctic warming-time industry.

But in the 1970s the melting was not clear to & # 39; break the natural range of immersion.

In other words, we expect to see some of the differences to see; year-old melting, but in the 1970s a fracture occurred on a scale longer than a year; It could be explained by a change in a stable average of ice cover.

Over 7 meters of sea level enhancement is locked in the ice page of the Sunshine

In particular, they have demonstrated that the growing temperature that is increasing to & # 39; Following an independent outlook, caused by positive animals as the albedo force, according to Dr Trusel.

Albedo's influence describes the truth in which a darker landlord is in a position; including more heat than white white lakes such as ice and snow.

As ice is melting, the ground is darker than its; generates more energy from the sun, which causes more smelting – creating a bend of concepts.

"The ice page's response to a warmth floral climate is not," said Dr. Trusel.

"Practically that is, saying that today we have a high level of warming, that would double the amount of pages or more. Half a step that happened at any time in the past. "

Most of the previous research on satellite surveys and computer moding have been used to reduce the amount of flashes in the text; Greenland to work out.

This new research has allowed scientists to overwrite their satellite checks against the causes of physical ice, according to Dr Trusel.

It is the special strength of the latest research in the ability to & # 39; Finding 350 year smash levels, according to Matt King from UTAS, who were not involved in this study.

"We did not have a broad appraisal, surely to date Shakespeare," said Professor King.

"From these dimensions, we can learn a lot about how fast things are changing in Greenland."

And it's to understand how fast the ice melting is; Arrangements for the future impact of sea levels rise to us, according to Professor King.

According to this year's IPCC report, warming between locks 1.5C and 2C when Greenland has a total decline.

This means that the ice will be Greenland causes seas around the world to rise by an average of more than 7 meters.

"So there are two questions: Did we go over the doorstep [and] In the second one as soon as that is [melting] going to happen, "said Professor King.

"Thousands of years may have been or may be hundreds of years and that is the kind of question that we are trying to answer."

& # 39; Things are quite unusual to & # 39; happening on this plan & # 39;

Although climate change has been warming around 1C on average from pre-active levels, the heating was not ready.

In the Arctic and Greenland, signatures of dilution were found to be & # 39; beginning in the 18th century, and average summer temperatures have risen around 2C since the 1990s.

It is a process called a polar increase, and it's a # 39; means that the slight increase in global average temperatures will have the greatest impact in policing regions.

And there are other advanced animals for consideration too.

Most of us know, when we climb a mountain, the temperature will be; fall, and again.

Greenland Ice is up to 3 kilometers of dry water in places, but as it melts, the upper surface is diminished.

Then the surface will engage in warmer air and there is more and more; melting.

The complexity of ice can be melted, and its effects on a ice-leaf planet can be found; Greenland was destroyed, a & # 39; means that we must consider the effects of our actions today, according to Dr Trusel.

"We may have thought of Greenland as remote and not very important, but when Greenland is changing it impacts on coasts across the globe," said Dr Trusel.

According to Professor King, this research still leaves another safekeeping from a year of high resolution motions.

"This brings people in the global community again that unusual things happen on this planet."

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