Greenpeace did not like what Wouter Beke said about Anuna De Wever


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The CD & V chairman suggested that the teenager had been advised by the NGO before he spoke to television.

Anuna De Wever is a key player in the "Youth for the Climate" movement of attracting media attention across the country for a couple of weeks now. At the age of 17, the teenager speaks up to asking for government action for the climate. CD & V President Wouter Beke came to these speeches in the daily newspaper From Morgen. The last said the girl was marked by Greenpeace before going on.

The NGO responded to the chief executive of CD & V with the voice of its speaker Joey Thijs, through the social network Facebook. "Your party does not have a & # 39; get a credible response to climate concerns and so choice for politics is an unfortunate choice. But you do this behind a 17 year old daughter, it's lower than all ", answered the spokesman.

"You are proposing to let everyone and all those involved in climate maliciousness interfere with them. Politics tends to weaken this weakness and burial as quickly as possible – it's easier to act clearly "Joey Thijs finished.

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