Gregor noticed Golobič that a meeting of the Trilaterale leaders was invited!


What's in Gregor Golobic, one of the most powerful people in the Slovenian transliteration behind him, at the 42th European General Meeting of the Non-governmental Private Group, of the Trilateral Commission in Ljubljana, a & # 39; Ask the Taiwan showcase after making the film journalists at the Union Hotel afternoon on Friday participants? Golobic is the failed politician who has power over the Borut Pahor government in a few years ago with a Zares party, or according to the publicly available data in Ajpes, for an entrepreneur or An analyst with several thousands of income per annum Post-Fellow According to the research journalist Bojana Požar, this unbelieving is not difficult to do between important and renowned guests from around the world – it is clear that he has removed one of the Sons of the Trilateral Commission, who was President of the NLB Board of Directors Marko Voljč.

Remember. From Friday to Sunday, the 42th European Meeting of the Trilateral Commission is a " takes place in Ljubljana, with 200 most powerful people from the world of politics, the economy and the media. The important people, who usually meet & # 39; meet once a year, to meet for her & # 39; first time in Slovenian. There are three former state states, six senior prime ministers, many of their thinkers and business-makers explicitly mentioned. The speakers at the event are also president of the country Borut Pahor, the current prime minister Marjan Šarec and president of the Soviet Party Democrat Janez Janša.

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