Grimes show that new music is a n; coming this week and launching a new room


He has been three years since her last album, Art Angels & # 39;

Grimes has confirmed that she hopes to release new music this week as she launches a new range of new products and stores.

The Canadian musician has been offering new music for a while and a while; Share fragments of two ways – "crazy love song" and "ethereal chav jam" – in June. Earlier this month, # 39; She told fans that it was released that there was a "new release".

Posting on Instagram, Grimes, whose name is true, Claire Boucher, is a & # 39; Explain that its new materials and web site has been launched. In the writing section, she added: "New music coming November 29!" No further information about the distribution is now confirmed.

Boucher won an image of a new logo or artwork, which featured her soloist three times in black and white, with her translation translated into pink. See the posts below.

Grimes published a last three years account with Art Angels & The album was named NMEAlbum of the Year for 2015, which affects Kendrick Lamar, Lana Del Rey, Blur, and A $ AP Rocky to the show.

The star has recently been involved in a number of collaborations, including a Poppy team, known as & # 39; Play Destroy &, and a way by Jimmy Urine at Mindless Self Indulgence. Grimes is also featured on the Bring Me The Horizon album, "Love", and recently added the subject song that she wrote for Netflix net HildaSouth Westerly

Earlier this year, the musician shared an administrative list for her & # 39; her new album, including songs with work titles as & # 39; thats what the drugs r 4 & # 39;, & # 39; Darq Souls, and & # 39; always decorated as a free star &

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