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NOVI PAZAR – Director of Public Health Institute Novi Pazar, Šefadil Spahić, said that he had stopped the patient's visit to hospitals in that town and Tutin, although group weaknesses have not yet been confirmed.

Spahić told the radio Sto plus that four of them had been hospitalized in the General Hospital of the Novi Pazar General Hospital due to their suspected flu, and one person with similar symptoms of infnosis was placed at the nephrology department .

"They were brought to rods and went to the Viral & Torlak Institute for the inspection and our results will take place in two days. But, as influenza viruses have already been proven in the cities, we decided to stop the patients being treated for a medical treatment at the Novi Pazar and Tutin, "said Spahic.

He said that the patient's medical condition is infectious, although the person handling nephrology is more likely to be moved to one of the third-level health centers.




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