Groove: Offenders on a motorcycle and hiding behind helmets and introducing a restaurant and a & # 39; steal diners | VIDEO and PHOTOS | Picture 1 of 3 | News


Stop crime is not! Two men armed and hid behind motorcycle helmets into a restaurant Distribution and they took the material at a number of staff and fled a motorboat.

The attack, which was recorded with the restaurant security cameras Distribution, which takes place on Friday at 19:22, but the video cameras recordings were released by "Channel N" on Monday.

As shown in the statues, a theme will come into the restaurant Selectos Ibéricos Distribution with helmet and backpack, and aiming at his gun at two customers. In the background is his consonant, with a pistol in his hand and his helmet hanging from his hill.

The boys are threatening the guests, they will inspect them and apply them to give them everything. Later on, they will run on a motorcycle.

The Depincri Distribution He is already on his own property records and is currently browsing its & # 39; case to identify the boys.


Offenders on a motorcycle and empty on helmets that go into a restaurant and a & # 39; stealing consumers. Video: Channel N

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