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Noise pollution has led to the Grenfell Tower causing the fire, it could be very at risk of cancer and breathing problems, including asthma, a survey has been found.

Analysis of samples of soil, debris and insulating table sheds used on the tower has been reflected in atmospheric chemical deposits and pneumatic carcinogens involving a side mountain. T 200m (656ft) of the tower.

Researchers from Lancashire University have suggested that a long-term health screening process for emergency residents and emergency attendees be set up, and calls for a further independent examination to be carried out. health effects.

Residents of Sky News told the report that the report was challenging their concerns about air and air pollution following the fire, and they said Public Health England and other government bodies should do more to investigate the issue.

Fire left Grenfell Tower in 2017 after people had died
The fire at Grenfell Tower in June 2017 killed 72 people

The researchers, who have previously determined that the retreat used in the regeneration of Grenfell Tower with dead cyanide hydrogen fireworks, had first surveyed prices, debris and carbon per month. After the fire and found out that they were polluted with acid atrophic hydrocarbons that cause cancer (PAHs).

Then they took new samples from six places up to 1.2km from the tower. A new sample within 140m of the tower contained six PAHs at 160 times higher than that found in the rotation from other urban areas.

Mountain gatherings of up to 40 hours higher than the average were found up to 140m from the tower.

A little 17 months after the fire the scientists also got dust and oil deposits at a 160m flat in which there were isocyanates – a strong breathtaking sensation that could be cured after one chance.

“These materials have been found in measurements that may have come from burning certain materials used in the restoration of the Grenfell Tower in 2016," the researchers have come to an end. "

People come to the recollections, marking the anniversary of Grenfell Tower's fire year
Residents say they are concerned about air pollution and regeneration as a result of the fire

Professor Anne Stec, professor of fire and poisonous chemistry at Central Lancashire University and chief author of the study, said: "There is no doubt that there is evidence of pollution of the area around the tower, Demonstrates the need for independent greater levels of analysis to assess risks to residents.

“It is now essential to have long-term health checks to assess the long-term adverse effect of residents on local residents, emergency responders and cleaners.

“This will also prepare for dealing with other major disasters of the kind in the future.” T

Tasha Gordon, a resident of the Lancaster West estate beside the tower, told Sky News: "It is very sad, something should be done first – it shouldn't be. T two years.

“Everyone is hit who lives near because you are always ill.

“A lot of people have gone through serious injuries.

“There are many risks and it is now told that we are at great risk now. "

A little 17 months after the fire the scientists also got dust and oil deposits at a 160m flat in which there were isocyanates – a strong breathtaking sensation that could be cured after one chance.

Paul Kelso

David O'Connell's resident Connell said: "Hundreds of people have lived here that has affected this.

“We are talking about a major program for public health scrutiny.

"It is going on for years and years and years and the tower has not yet been demolished and we have no idea of ​​the health effects we will have."

Judith Blakeman, a Labor adviser for the division Grenfell Tower, said she had doubts about the health advice residents received.

“Public Health England got advice that it was safe for us to eat the food we grow in the kitchen gardens and we got a lot around it – every council estate has a kitchen garden.

“We have raised concerns about it but we have been told that it is safe.

'What concerns me now, even personally, because I used a lot of rubbish reeds as my neighbour's children love – I don't think it's important to me because I am old but for the children it is very worried. "

Walls to support the victims of Grenfell's fire
Grenfell's Tower was covered for many months after the fire

PHE stated that he would analyze the results of the report and continue to investigate air quality.

The government's spokesperson said: "We are having a huge impact on Professor Stec and we know full health concerns.

“We have established a comprehensive program of environmental inspections to assess risks fully and take appropriate action.

“Professor Stec is part of an independent group of scientists overseeing this work, and her findings will form the focus of the reviews we are undertaking.

“We are committed to keeping the community safe and maintaining their long-term health.

“Anyone living near Grenfell Tower who is worried by this news should talk to their GP, who will arrange for further health checks to be carried out. "

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