Group interests are still handled


On 21 November, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc was chairman of the National Conference on State Regeneration Reform and Improvement (SOEs), and focus on several companies and constitutions. The meeting showed that there were many shortcomings in restructuring, balance (CPH) and SOE administration over time.

"The Quy Nhon port is cheap for free"

According to Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue, in the renewal process, SOE still has many deficiencies, constraints and problems, from the misfortunes in the media and land use policies in the correct right of valuation . DN selected museums; from business efficiency to competitiveness in the union context and 4th Business Revolution; loss, corruption, staff.

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Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc translates with representatives of his conference on 21-11 Photograph: QUANG HIEU

Holding & # 39; Emphasizing the SOE problems, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc stressed efficiency, many units donations are not matched. The Prime Minister decided several times and several companies for many years not to start or write. invest in any project, and the market changes daily. The country has nearly 100 million people but its company has not been able to use it. "SOEs are complicated, people get away and we're going. We have to go first, so we'll finally" – said the Prime Minister location.

In addition, the Prime Minister also reported a bankruptcy during the balance sheet process in the Vietnam Film Company or Quy Nhon (Binh Dinh division). At the same time, we will deal hard with the people involved in the & # 39; bankruptcy. He said that his / her opinion was not; The sale of a large port was "as cheap" and warned that there is still a "backbone" yet. "There are 12, 13 yards back, raw materials, all kinds … Do not think this is a prime minister".

These constraints and weaknesses are the result of many set and objective purposes, but the Prime Minister stressed that higher level management was not implemented, the Government and the Prime Minister would be tight. In particular, ideas are still unusual, not to be aware of the renewable issue when it is confirmed, and # 39; to kill him. Many of the leaders are also scared to have a place, a post after CPD, their mind is still and their; maintain a pace of innovation back. Group interests, corruption in balance, still divorced.

Change the enterprise appraisal tool

With the speed of progress, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc asked to explain clearly the responsibility and personal organization to defer it, which is strong, and, Fighting the bankruptcy is tight, not going back. PM Hung said that his place was very important and says: "There are many key friends to leave.

The PM met the SOEs so that recent surveys, surveys and allegations could affect productivity and business. This recognizes the impact on the fitness of the staff, even some of the units do not; focus on business, except "talk old talk, business, worry and fear of duty." Since then, the CEO has asked SOE to be corrected in time to lose some time.

Dang Hoang, who was a vice minister in the Ministry of Business and Trade, gave 12 losses from the business and learned lessons and said he needed to take care of the investment carefully from the high- floor. undertaking, to create projects, to apply for supply, construction and completion. Mr An has to agree with the investigator that the heads of consultees and colonies have reasonable remedies but that this problem is not very difficult. "There is no high salary, the intention of the head, but they have to be trying to do, is to take responsibility," said the Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce.

Tran Manh Hung also recommended the use of methods to manage behavior instead of administrative orders in SOEs management. Accordingly, the regulator can build a credit system to assess campaigns, similar to banking trust. If the unit has a good return, the list will be largely independent, although the poor profit unit will be monitored.

Salary scale initiatives are built

In terms of proposals for strengthening SOE salary devolution, the State does not maintain a minimum wage device, but with a salary survey in the owner's representative's title, former minister of the work, Doan Mau Diep is the spirit of a salary reform reform to identify initiatives to raise salary levels. As an owner, the state will pay only the salary of staff and the board that is related to business yield and efficiency.

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