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Recreation Center / Targeted Report

Yu Meiren and his old man, Wang Weilun (James), have been married for 16 years, and have killed Max and Mina, but broke their wedding in 2013, and the beauty of the After the divorce divide to be worse and more beautiful, but the emotional situation has never been resolved. The peach years appeared first, and it was seen to be a big shop with a full-aged woman. The last two returned to the house together, and the atmosphere was very sweet.

Yu Meiren (picture / divide from the front book)

▼ ▲ The beauty of the United States in 2013 was disturbed and married 16 years of age; former Wang Weilun. (Figure / s of beauty of Facebook)

The Yumei Yours are divided into court

According to "Apple" he said that James was seen in the 20th century by an adult mid-century girl who visited Neihu City, the girl who had a shirt cut down, full of enthusiasm, saw I'm going to Behave sweetly to James from time to time I was disturbing James' s torch, and James chose on the side of her. focus on the tools. I bought my steaks and red wine from the tooth. It seemed like it was ready for a steak meal. Finally, the person opened a ticket with a market price of 1.5 million yuan and returned to Zhongshan. Great Dinner at the Dazhihe River National Palace.

Yu Meiren (Chinese photographed / satellite TB)

▼ ▲ After the divorce divide, the beauty of the beauty is vacant. (Picture / covered by Beauty Beauty, supplied by Satellite Chinese)

Yu Meiren (picture / divide from the front book)

In this regard, Yumei suggested that an adult woman was "very handsome", but she did not know much about her emotional state at the moment. She said her son moved in June to stay with her. At present the two children are live with her. "He alone, who finds that happiness is very good, bless them." (Editor: Lu Chuanqi)

The Yumei people have recently lost weight and the image is different from the last. (Figure / off of the face book)

▲ Yu Meiren praised the girl who is an adult pretty beautiful! (Figure / s of beauty of Facebook)

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