Growth to fight – Sturm will be badly damaged in St. Gallen's Rhine – News


  • The stormy "Uwe" crash has forced Switzerland on a stormy Sunday.
  • On the western mountains, over 130km / h were measured.
  • In midland, the police and the fire crew were in great labor.

In chanton St Gailein the action forces needed to move around 20 times. In the Kolbenstein neighborhood, "Uwe" destroyed the roofs of around 20 houses as well as the sunflowers, as reported by St. Gallen's consonant police. Two houses certainly do not stay today

In addition, eight to ten cars and several garden sheds were destroyed in the same season. The right level of damage will not appear to the present day, police.

At Sennwald, on the A13 road, two cars went into a tree on the road. In a number of communities between Gossau and Mels, obstacles were raised or traffic signs were removed. Branan had to clear off roads.

Air traffic in Basel was damaged

The professional fire department and militia Basel-Stadt to move around forty times in the evening due to damage from strong wind eyes. Police and firequake headquarters received reports on fallen trees, broken branches and roofed roofed slabs.

The construction barriers were swept away and other items had to be cleared from the lines. There were also strong wind eyes on the rolling of two litter vessels on the streets.

At the Basel-Mulhouse EuroAirport "Uwe" it impeded air traffic. Ten people needed to enter Frankfurt, Lyon, Baden-Baden, Zurich, Stuttgart, Milan and Friedrichshafen.

In chanton Solothurn especially the country of a black boy affected by the storm, as the local police said. In 17 clocks, there were about 30 messages on collapsed trees and site obstacles and peaks whipped by roofs.

Sabhal who was destroyed.

In Pohlern (BE) near Tun, the roof of the barn was converted with a measure of 300 meters inland for grazing.

Sandra Gertsch / SRF

The polite language Bern He received about 25 messages too early in the afternoon, said spokesman. Most came from Berneray Bernese and from Oberland. In Jura, the winds also put on rail traffic.

Glunpflich was an A6 event at Heimberg at Thun in the Bernese Oberland. He fell down on the road and fled on a car. No one was injured, the police said.

High wind bins in the west

The highest wind speeds were measured Sunday at the top of Vaud La Dôle at 133 km / h and at the peak of Jura passing 137 km / h.

In the western areas, the eyes were strong in many places between 70 and 90 km / h. During the night, the opponent moved over Switzerland to the east and fused it.

Heat Springy

Before a storm, he was still warm: In Binningen (BL) and Altenrhein (SG), the teas were over 15 degrees. In the Basel region, the north-west wind placed the thermometer up and in St. Gallen Rhine's Glen and the Appenes of Föhn glens.

Measuring 13.9 degrees in Glarus, 13.2 degrees in VD Aigle and 13.0 degrees in Eag. In Aarau, the thermometer rises to 12 degrees.

Temperature (° C)

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Storm Pictures

Storm Pictures

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