Grupo Aval division could rebuild up to 102%, according to agents


Analysts are responsible for recovering the banking department's revival

Andrés Venegas Loaiza – [email protected]

At the end of the week news in the financial sector called president Asobancaria, Santiago Castro, to stop doing the # 39; does not indicate an "economic reward campaign" in which investors can invite the sale of shares that are in some financial agencies, which are exploded by a stock market accident that can be seen.

The official call is coming at a time when the problem is facing. companies incorporating Aval Group (the largest banking organization in the country), with the case of Odebrecht, cause their shares to fall on their; stock market.

However, LR took the job to view the predictions of species with species; agency and other banking department of financial surveys, detectors that have no negative expectations on front of any of these actions, longer than sound sound and On the other hand, banks are expected to have good air in the department in 2019.

In summary, the shares of Grupo Aval companies appear as the genre to which analysts have the best weight in the & # 39; their target price; so much that the region could choose from Corficolombiana, its main impact; The calcals could affect up to 102% from current price, length and amount; the general department can recover 95.2%; be the best ones.

Alexandra Cely, Equities Analyst of Securities and Securities, said: "It is true that an issue of economic problem has been created with the expectation of a market on the subject of the Aval Group", however Better results are to be seen financially and that companies are strong enough for their foundations, so both these and others in the banking department "are seen through the middle as a good opportunity."

When asked if this disaster could activate actions; group crash in the region, said Carlos Rodriguez, ultraserfinco equality director, "even there is still freedom in the market but the fact is that There are banks nowadays, they are well placed both in a continuous loan cover and in their calming levels. "

The researcher said the foundations have been stronger than the sound, in a particular case of Grupo Aval, saying "Colombia has been the Ruta del Sol magazine for more than two years and what you can see in the results The companies are Aval that foundations are related to the risk of the media. "

Ómar Suárez, equalist manager of Casa de Bolsa, took up that year and year, slower down in 2018, "a situation that has adversely affected the quality and increase the cost of supplies that have impacted on the ROE and the bank's net profit", but However, the specialist specializes a & # 39; We expect to see features of these issues by 2019.

In fact, in the last monthly report published by the Chief Financial Officer, it was shown that banks had been getting better and eight out of 10 of these units increased their time profits compared to 2017.

"We recommend the banking department for next year with the help of getting faster to reach ports that reach 8% and a reduction in the ports It could be ahead because the way out of some of the great consumers such as Electricaribe would improve resources, "Rodriguez was convinced.

On the other hand, Cely says "despite the sound, negative suggestion is not made in detail because they are well-known and not base, strong".

Aval Group is the main stakeholders and proprietor of Banco Popular, with a share of 93.70%; Banco Av Villas, with 79.90%; Banco de Occidente, took hold of 72.30%; Banco Bogotá with 68.70%; and Porvenir, where 20% participate. Corficolombiana is a subsidiary company of Banco de Bogotá, accounting for 32.93% of its partnership.


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