Grupo Penta enters into the vehicle loan business related to Eduardo Elberg


It is a new area where Penta includes: the loan of a vehicle. Those that have been before, think that Penta Financiero is a Going to MundoCrédito, a team finance company under the control of Eduardo Elberg through Grupo Algeciras.

In order to get the party Carlos Alberto Délano and Carlos Eugenio Lavín, MundoCrédito made a boost of capital, where Penta Financiero held 44% of the building and its capital. Following the control contract, Algeciras said after consulting on the company's new shareholders.

So far, Empresas Penta's subsidiary is aiming at a factory, financial review, operational evaluation, among others. But now it is to add MundoCredito to a & # 39; its business industry, an emphasis aimed at financing the purchase of new vehicles or used for private or commercial use. There is a network of 106 branches in the company in the Department; Town and areas.

Grupo Algeciras said: "In the last two years, MundoCredeto has grown by 300% in the number of clients and 245% in sums added."

General Manager of the company, Pedro Parraguez, formerly a commercial Fonim manager in Chile and the general manager of the Peru Forum, explained that "the last two years has been a great success, but we are still a player small sector, with important growth opportunities. So, partner income with knowledge in the credit department as Penta Financiero is a great deal for us to start this new expansion phase. "

The Government explained that, together with its partner, MundoCrédito will, expand to businesses and other materials, and develop new technologies to extend and expand processes and also expand; deepening existing activities.

Penta Financiero's general manager, Rodrigo Sprohnle, said this is an activity that is very supportive of our businesses, which have shown a very positive growth rates and we have been doing. Looking forward for time. We believe that MundoCrait is well managed, it has a great potential and we hope to be a major growth process. "

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