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Time: 2019-03-13 08:17

Xinhua News Group, Daegu, South Korea, March 12 (Yan Xuepeng Lu Rui) lost Guangzhou Evergrande to Daegu FC in South Korea in a match against League A League Champions of the AFC on the evening of 12th.

Guangzhou Evergrande and Daegu FC opposed each other in the first round of the game. The game is convinced that it will receive all three points and that it will compete for the organisation's main position. Guangzhou Evergrande "Baota Combination" and Browning and Ji-hyun Park all started. As the first team for breaking into the AFC Champions League did, Daegu FC also made its first AFC League match that night, a large number of local fans turned up in the stadium.

In the first half, Daegu FC were two different types of music from Brazil, Ref. Session 11 and Activity 9 Edgar active. In the fourth minute, Edgar got a pass from the team with Kim Dae-jung and she achieved her first goal. In the 43rd minute, Edgar got a pass from Sesingha and the low penalty in the penalty penalty again to help Daegu FC to run 2-0 in the first half.

Evergrande Cannavaro's changes made in the middle of the pitch, were replaced by Wei Shihao and Huang Bowen. In the 53rd minute, Wei Shihao took the ball to the bottom of the road, and Taliska's foreign support received the goal and a return visit for Evergrande. In the second half, both sides were fighting faster: Wever Shihao, Huang Bowen and Taliska had been successful in getting yellow cards. In the last minute, the South Korean player Kim Dae-jung broke the goal of Evergrande, and eventually Daegu FC won 3-1 at home.

Following their current rounds, Daegu FC scored the highest in group F with 6 points: Guangzhou Evergrande and three Japanese arrows got three points, while Melbourne at the Australian Super League had two games. .

(Editor: Wang Jia)

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