Guardiola: Liverpool has not been performing the league in 30 years but


Site 360 ​​sport Lean Manchester's amazing United League with Ole Gunnar Solshire on Saturday Saturday with a 3-0 victory on Fulham, with the Red Devils receiving the 10th victory in 11 games under Norwegian coach.

Now, the Red Devils are watching Paris Saint-Germain in the mid-week of Old Trafford in the UEFA Champions League game against an equal look after the English club has the differences Theory was circulated when the attraction was first made.

Their company, Solshire, has a club; briefly since he was appointed as a signpost of the Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho, where Juan Mata appeared his influence on the team compared to his. previous batteries.

"We all have an amazing connection, the players, the manager and the staff. Since then, he has been building the team's confidence. He tells us that we can hit any team Yes, we play well, "said Matthew to Daily Mail newspaper. Find the results we make it. "

"We are very pleased, we are very confident and we know that we have another challenge in the European League game against Paris SG, which is very hard, but we hope we will continue our results advanced. "

Manchester United expanded to the highest quarters, ahead of Chelsea, who will be meeting Manchester City on Sunday, 11 points behind when Soirbidh took responsibility.

"When you play for a club like Manchester United, it seems that nothing is possible. It was like the fourth place and third place, it was too far away, but we are now, we have done a difficult job, but we know we're not over because the Premier League is not over. "

"We want to continue with this good, well-performing race, and everyone plays and adds to their game. We are very strong as group, and we hope we will continue. "