Guardiola to emergency Germany can play a # 39; To play Germany, saying that the European camp 1980 Hans-Peter Briegel


yesterday 12:10

The German Magistrate of 1980 Hans-Peter Briegel came forward with an interesting explanation of the emergence of the football.

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According to the 63-year protection defender, former coach of Pern Guardiola Bayern Munich, Spanish coach philosophy. The Germans were one of the worst years.

The 2018 MS in Russia did not even proceed from the basic body and in the League of Nations came down to Section B.

"This is Guardiol's case, because he has deceived us by telling us that you have to hold the member at 75%. This is not true, the product is much more important than the control of its game. The French wins the tournament all over the world. "

"They have shown that it is possible to achieve success, even when you return to a more traditional play. It's not a football quality but the right balance," he said Briegel According to the Marc website, says that the German national team is currently only in a rapidly moving momentum.



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