Guidance to act against the accused


The High Court is said to have been a serious crime in a variety of food worries. At the same time, ordering her & # 39; court to the chair of the Anti-corruption Commission to take appropriate legal action against individuals or organizations involved in the study of antibiotic cases, micro-organisms, pesticides and chromos.

High Court Decree including Justice Nazrul Islam Talukdar and Justice KM Hafizul Alam gave the order after they had done; heard on Monday.

The High Court has directed the committee's constitution to engage individuals and business organizations in the diversity of milk, bodies and geese. At the same time, the defendants were ordered to report to the court within three months.

In addition to antibiotics of milk, micro-organisms, poisonous and cesarean, guidance is to be a research committee to find out if other harmful substances can accelerate human body. After six months, the committee was asked to submit the report to the court.

This order was given to the safe food authority, the Media Security Food Coordination Committee and the BSTI Chairman.

The National Food Safety Network (NFSL), a government-owned body, detected various types of insecticides and different antibiotics found in passive levels of raw milk. Different missions were also found. At the same time, it was found that packaged cowmilk was to include antibiotics and cassava cus. Do not miss This product of milk products is equivalent to Cesa.

A group has been working with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to provide financial support for Gao, Milk, Yogurt and Pacaid Food.

The government's National Food Safety Bureau received 96 percent of bovine milk microbiologists and 30 per cent of milk packed with antibiotics. A company says that some of the market's cumulative chemicals are. The company acquired many types of harmful chemicals, including pudding pudding.

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