Guillermo Barros Schelotto Record Superfinal against River


Guillermo Barros Schelotto already United States to continue acting as a technical director. After passing through Boca Juniors – a place that can not achieve the goal to be & # 39; lifting up the long wait Copa Libertadores de Amrica-, both of them took the situation as a "leader coach" Los Angeles Galaxy to achieve a sociable ambitious project. In an interview with Fox Sports, the 45-year coach spoke about some of the events he had received in the & his trip as a coach at Xeneize.

The first proof of Barros Schelotto was the same as her; talks about the Superfinal between River Plate and La Ribera club, where the Millionaire stayed with the title after Boca was suspended from 3 to 1. "We have reached both the Boca and the River at Most of them It was amazing to put Argentinian in that final, it was a real knowledge, he did not know what he played and not, In addition to the negative result, it was a great knowledge, "explained Guillermo.

Then, the Galician Galactic coach added: "The classic in the final Libertadores is something very difficult to achieve, it's a great deal to spend the two teams again, I hope that That's fast, and Boca will win, but I'll give the feeling Argentina had the note by putting their two teams in the final. "

After that, the two were consulted Edwin Cardona, who made a star in a good performance with the colors of the blue and gold cast, but in the last time there were not many minutes on the field. "It's a fantastic player with an amazing way, with an excellent goal of visiting, a remarkable visitor, but it depends on it, it is up to the idea, the reason for The change is useful, I think it's a great problem player, "explained the old football player

Finally, Barros Schelotto sent a message to Gustavo Alfaro after being officially appointed as a new technician director Boca Juniors: "This is what happened and the team left in Boca, which is very good and with many players. I wish everything best for Boca and Alfaro, I'm saying that the fans were amazing for those three years, I hope that they will succeed. "

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