Guillermo Dietrich: "People are not going to be surprised, there will be no increase in what we are announcing" – 01/01/2019


The economic crisis, the danger of the country, is the president's and state-of-the-art elections and infrastructure; Some of the issues presented by Transport Minister, Guillermo Dietrich, described in a broad interview in A dos Voces (TN), where he also ensured that a higher level increase than those announced at the end of December

"A year old with a lot of face, a great publicity and a great deal of involvement in the life of the people is an economic crisis, but another face which has sometimes been hiding, in Argentina in 2015 there was no law We put forward, it was voted and it was useful for this year for the first time, it was possible find out what happened in the previous government, "said the minister when he left stock of the year.

To explain the elevations in transport levels, Dietrich put a focus on the time: "In transport, as in all public services, there was a total decrofting in Compared to tariffs: 3 years ago, Córdoba left a three-way trip. In Buenos Aires, there was something that had no reason, in Argentina with inflation rates, and there were difficult conditions We also have due to a lack of investment or infrastructure due to the bad Kirchnerism politicians, trying to help those who travel most, we have resolved that, "he said.

In addition, the minister promised that people can not be surprised in 2019 and will pay new levels only with the announcements announced in late December. "There will be no increase in the number of recent donations, these numbers, we can prove that these are the elevations that will appear in the next year. ".

Increased threat in rural danger is one of the main topics in the interview. "Argentina has feared our history, since there are elections and although many think Mauricio Macri has won a success, it may happen, it does not, creating uncertainty and frightening that Argentina is back to reflect on what we have achieved in recent years If an applicant tells you that he is not paying you, and that the other person cares for the debts, one who creates more confidently than the other, and in the world's business is working like that, "said Dietrich. .

Despite the poor economic indicators in a number of sectors, the former Frontier of Buenos Aires City Transport was hopeful for the future and took part in the tourism sector and the negotiations for the 2019 Budget were examples of development.

"It's hard to describe people as a large group, because each one has different differences, Mar del Plata's merchants are today or those with restaurants in Mendoza It's a great deal of time this year, but I'm really feeling that everyone is hoped that we are on the road to something good, "he said.

"Twenty years ago, the inflation was a problem around the world, but countries realized how to make it a solution, but it was not in 2018. Something happened very important in 2018 from the problems we can not spend more than we have, and that ended in a general agreement that made its Budget, if that is still a state policy, such as The vision of the country, the all-inflation problems will disappear. "

When finishing a balance sheet after 2018, Dietrich did not comment on the progress in the infrastructure works promised by the Government in the election campaign. "A year ago with a major improvement in infrastructure, in Morón that we introduced Metrobus, also in Neuquén, we completed kilometers of railways in places that were not, as is the way 8. Today we do the same as regards freeways made in 65. And if we did not change the fees , we can not do more things or make sure that all work is maintained. "

Eventually, Dietrich gave a comment on his conflicts with Aerolineas Argentinas and the relationship with the groups. "They say we are in a crisis of urgency, in a dramatic situation and the reason why they are doing stops, but there are recorded information that shows 7 million an additional person who travels by plane than in 2015, we have 153 home runs when we have been 3 years, 93, international routes were growing from 100 to 168, to The number of travelers flying in the country without having to doubled Buenos Aires, there are four new companies that employs people in Argentina, that almost 20 better than in 2015 and that we will have 30 more updated airports next year. ", he cleared himself.

Finally, the minister analyzed what might happen in the leadership elections in October. "Argentineans are choosing or not, depending on what we have done to solve their problems, we need to focus on that over the next mandate year, and The elections that depend depend on what Peronism can do or Cristina Kirchner. "

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