Guinness's record was won by Mario Bros's voice


Mario Bros it is undoubtedly not one of the most famous people in the video games world and it's so amazing that even people outside the world "gamer" are being recognized on a daily basis.

Who is responsible for the voice of his Nintendo character; you like to get involved Charles Martinet, an age-old 63-year-old American voice actor who did this work since 1996.

This week, the actor got that news got a Guinness record, to grow The person who made the biggest black for the same videogame character.

Along with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Martinet Mario turned a hundred times, not to mention that he is also a plays Luigi's voices, Wario, Waluigi, among many other characters.

The actor was sharing the recognition he received through social networks and He thanked his supporters and Nintendo to achieve it.

"Finding Craig My certificate in the world of Guinness for the most spectacular videogame shows of the same character – – 100, Mar Mario (…) Woohoo! "Martinet wrote on Twitter.

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