Guinness's voice was won by Mario's voice


Charles Martinet, the actor of Mario's voice in different video games from the nine hundred, got a Guinness record for his work as a famous Nintendo character.

Martinet was recognized by the group that was over the awards An actor who made more vocabulary explanations for the same videogame character. All this, thanks to his work as Mario he did 100 times to count the news that has been published recently Super Smash Bros. Ideas

The actor, who also makes Wario, Luigi, Waluigi, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi's voices celebrate this through their social networks.

"Le Craig gets my GWR certificate for the biggest gaming games as 100%, like Mario – on 7 December 2018 with Super SmashBros Ultimate woohoo! Thanks! Thanks to Nintendo and GWR," write the " actor.

Martinet won a video on his Instagram account where he is in a position; shows his recognition in the Guinness World Record office.

Martinet began to work on the Nintendo in the 90's, and as it has appeared several times, he reached the test on the Mario career without much hope. But his appearance was on his character; Determine that company executives make the seal link that gave him a Guinness record.

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