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Just over two weeks after being born, Zu Columbus and Aquarium's child sank Saturday. The cause of his death is still unknown.

Baby Zoo and Aquarium born last year were born on Saturday morning, the zoo was named Facebook.

The age of the 30 orange birth was important for the zoo because he did not welcome a shark calf since 1999.

The cause of death is still unknown, but in general, starvings have high mortality rates. There is a deadly rate of 25 out of the defaults born in captivity and have 50 per cent, according to the Superintendent and Aquarium Society.

In September, I shot a 2-month old child at The Wilds, a 10,000 acre 75km southeast of Columbus that the zoo works.

Staff at Columbus Columbus on Friday evening revealed that Ubumwe, the female child's seafront, acted on her and her face. look different, according to the Facebook post.

Ubum was given fluids and cure to relieve what was found as a dispute and another pain with show disease. Later on in the day, however, crew members reported that Ubum had yet to become pain.

The ultrasound showed anxiety of the adult, according to the work, and Ubumwe was taken in an emergency situation for the Animal Health Center for zoo for CT scan.

The scanning did not reveal the need for surgery, but Ubumwe continued to take care and watch at night. She appeared comfortably, but her condition was in her condition; morning, the post said.

Ubumwe's mother, Zuri, returns to the eagle herd.

Cami, a 6-year-old six-year-old, is going on any day.

"The crew of the zoo animals is damaged but still committed to providing care for other members of the gang company," the post read.

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