Guiraffe Child Dying at Columbus Zoo – National News


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTHR) – The latest ones in Zù Columbus and Aquarium, Ubumwe's named female child security, have died on Saturday.

The cows were born on October 30 and died only 18 days later, at 8:30 a.m. Saturday.

The zoo says that the cause of his death is unknown at this time.

In Facebook's role, the zoo said, "The team of animal care professionals has watched her and her mother, Zuri, around her birthplace. Although she had been active before and her & # 39; nursing as appropriate, her care team took care of yesterday's afternoon Behavior began and the appearance of Ubumwe changed. "

During the early hours of the afternoon, the zoo inspected SC and found Ubumwe in a state of urgency. Then early in the morning, his condition continued to go; getting worse and not until she stopped.

The zoo does not have more information about the cause of its death until an neurysy is made, and it will gain knowledge of geography.

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