Guiraffe's child dies at Columbus Zoo


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A child born sheriff was born just weeks back on Saturday morning at Columbus Columbus and Aquarium.

Ubumwe, female Masai calf, was found dead at 8:30 a.m.

No wonder why the death, zoo officials said.

Officers who do not have any information to neurpsy, customize animals and know-how will be reported in several weeks.

There was a team of animal care professionals watching the calf and her mother, Zuri, around him; She was born on October 30.

Officials said Ubumwe was lively and nursing as appropriate. However, her care team celebrated Friday evening that her behavior and appearance had changed.

Ubumwe was important and suppressed medicines and pain were given so that there was no gastro-discomfort. After a trial, Ubum started again on a Zuri nursing.

During early afternoon hours, Ubumwe care providers had been aware that she was still suffering from gastrointestinal discomfort, and so an ongoing test was carried out. including ultrasound.

Her care team Ubumwe gave more water.

Its condition was defended as the unusual ultrasound revealed to its fuel, and then removed from the zoo Animal Health Center for a CT scan, made with the help of a veterinary specialist and radiologist from the Ohio State University, officials said.

The SC survey did not show a barrier or other purpose for its discomfort that would be a surgical procedure, but the calf followed her; getting intense care from professional zoo animal care professionals and staying in another place behind the scenery, where she appeared calm and comfortable overnight.

Early in the morning, however, the health growth of Ubumwe was much quicker again and died.

"The care team has just been ruined by her husband but is still keen to take care of other members of the giraffe herdsman, including Zuri who is moving back with them, as well as Cami , who also expects a calf to conceive, "wrote officials. "We value the support that we provide to our team during this very difficult time and we will continue to provide new information as more information available. "

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