Gulf Capital and AfricInvest Invest $ 51 Million in ISON Learning


The money from joint investment will be used for growth needs and work capital, as well as obtaining shares from a small investor

Gulf Capital, one of the largest and most prestigious other fund managers in the Middle East, and AfricInvest, a leading all-African private company of companies, has been involved in the first time for structural loan investments and iSON Xperiences (previously iSON BPO Limited) (, one of the largest partners / partners providing external services for $ 51 million ( and knowledge for consumers, who work in 14 countries in Africa and India.

The Gulf Gulf II Credit Fund, the second capital equity fund at Gulf Capital, and the FundInvest Fund III, Africa's third generation of all-African funds, together with a total of £ 25.5 million in the financing of own capital and loan funding. The money from joint investment will be used for growth needs and work capital, as well as obtaining shares from a small investor.

ISON Xperiences, the largest contributor in consumer knowledge and service delivery in sub-Saharan Africa, accounts for about 75% of the market, except South Africa. The work of its company will be Serving 425 million telecommunications services at telecommunications services via 27 telephone centers in 13 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa and India. Today, ISON Xperiences is a valuable contributor and consultant for customers who want to stay ahead of the user's position in a deep global environment.

Established in 2010, iSON Xperiences (formerly iSON BPO Limited) worked in six African countries, including Kenya, Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria and Chad, as well as India, a continuing case for services provide glass centers to the telecommunications department. The company has expanded rapidly and turned its jobs to solve customer knowledge and technological solutions to banking and insurance, sales, travel and hospitality, media and entertainment businesses, air and e-commerce, as well as the telecommunications department.

Dr Karim El Solh, Head of Capital Capital, said: "iSON Xperiences is another successful example in Africa, and we are happy to support this joint investment by AfricInvest. These solutions Our private debt offers a flexible financing car for market leaders looking for growth and operating capital to bring the transition strategy to the next level. ; congratulate iSON for his commitment to informing best-end users for all customers. This is the second investment in Gulf Capital last year in Africa sub-Saharan and we are looking forward to the continual optional expansion of the department. "

Adam Hadidi, Head of Capital Debts at Capital Capital, said: "iSON Xperiences is an exciting example of how a company, from a service provider's status can serve one department in one industry. Interestingly in each market and section. Early, it moved from becoming a convenience provider to a head-to-end partner in the range of customer knowledge, and providing an informed user's knowledge. The management team has a clear vision and is strongly determined in the development of key actions. We are delighted to be a partner with AfricInvest to support iSON on the way to grow. "

Africanvest's Business Participation Hakim Khelifa, said: "Business Processing Industry (BPO) is an important part of Africa, offering many job opportunities. AfricInvest, who has a wide knowledge of investment in a range of enterprises, out of campaigns, aware of the exciting opportunities that are happening for Xsoniences iSON. As the leading provider of consumer knowledge in sub-Saharan Africa, its company is well placed to continue continue to expand accurately and benefit from the implementation of innovative digital strategies. We believe that there is a profit that is iSON will reduce the extra effort it will cost every customer and the knowledge of unpaid users who will give it to end customers. We & Looking forward to participating with Gulf Capital for housing c to staff iSON in this exciting tour. "

Ramesh Awtaney (, Established and President of the ISON Group, said: "At iSON, as long as we continue to turn on to solve Overall in terms of providing digital asset management to users. With the knowledge of users who embrace both processes and technology, we are delighted to welcome our new investment partners , Capital Gulf and AfricInvest, which bring a deep understanding of its business and its geography. We are confident, with this new investment, that we now have a path of progress which will enable us to become the leading provider of emerging market users. We are still committed to contributing to the rapid innovation and business design of markets that which come up to achieve our vision. "

The agreement represents the sixth deposit of Gulf Capital with its second $ 251 million debt, and the second in sub-Saharan Africa. As a result of its commitment to iSON, Fair Credit is a? Chamais now has 52% invested. FundInvest Fund III fund of $ 273 million, this is the tenth investment; its assets now have over 80% used.

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