Gunslingers & # 39; firearms, swords in Dalat Laghan


On the afternoon of November 21, TP. Dalat has said that he has to complete his / her criteria; handle illegal ownership, purchase and sale of illegal devices in large numbers.

On November 20, the Criminal Police team (Police Da Lat City) and Ward 4 policemen arrested Nguyen Chi Thanh (29 years old, attending Battle C1 of the Mac Dinh Chi Ward , Ward 4). Le Dai Duong (23 years old, living in Ward 6, Da Lat City).

Site browsing & # 39; bar, the activity found 9 self-harmed weapon firewalls, 33 spiritual stimulating spirits, 29 different types of swords, and several sharp metal sticks.

Gun arsenal & # 39; in a gunfire, a sword in Dalat - picture 1There are many swords in the "arsenal"Gun gun, Gunsling in Da Lat - picture 2The police reported the incident

At the inspection office, Thanh khai from the beginning of July / 2018 had many pockets, guns, rare gas spray, named Huan, bought and brought home to sell online.

Their search group is & # 39; making a record on holding the evidence that is Thanh Ha a & # 39; keep; At the same time, an extensive study of the event.

Kim Anh

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