Guo Zigan herring and complains for three years Jiang Zuping tells "life of sequelae" Funny NOWnews News today


▲ Jiang Zuping was a slap against Guo Zi, and there are still sequelae. (Picture / Dongsen)

The "Big Times" local drama will be broadcast on the Dongsen Theater. News conference will be held today (19th). The main actors, Jiang Zuping, Xiao Tiantian, Qiu Qiwen and Wang Wei are present. When he was talking about the Guopai slap in the face of three years ago, Jiang Zuping was hit on his face; inner ear, and because it was not possible to make intense sport. He even had to travel to Singapore to find an authoritative doctor. If the cervical cure was broken, the cervical vertebra was broken. Clearly, the tough knot is to understand. She said illegally: "My name does not appear to appear in the same story."

First, I heard the name "Guo Zigan". Jiang Zuping first said and said: "Turn the board again when I refer to the name." Then he remarked that Guo Zigan hit his slap and allowed you to live forever. Sequelae, even sitting at home, occasionally to find out if the blade rods are blown, proof of an earthquake, but also when we're running hunting, and & # 39; running a few steps, we need to ask their crew to allow them to take their spirits on the road Side of corporate Discourage

▲ Guo Zigan was present at the Jiang Hongen wedding ceremony. (Photograph / Specialist Reporter Wu Zhengyu, 2017.12.2)
▲ There is no solution to Guo Ziqian and Jiang Zuping. (Photograph / Specialist Reporter Wu Zhengyu, 2017.12.2)

The objections of Jiang Zuping and Guo Zigan have continued three years ago. Although the film was released in "Big Times" Guo Ziqian sent flowers to Jiang Zuping to make an apology, to appear, to solve the worms. However, Jiang Zuping said illegally that he did not take an excuse, but a question of loyalty and truth. He also said, "It's an actress. I see it really amazing." Jiang Zuping, who likes sport, said he would even get 20 homes. Squats did not give spirit and said "it can not make intense sport in life" and they did it; feeling a bit wrong.

▲ Sweet Sweet (left), Qiu Qiwen, Wang Wei and Jiang Zuping were present at their news conference. (Picture / Dongsen)

In addition, Jiang Zuping revealed that he spoke to Yang Yizhan about the producer last week. He took into account the situation and said that the two still remain friends after breaking up. Ask if you can cooperate with Taiwan in the future? Jiang Zuping with a smile said: "If you come back again, there are two old brothers in this show." But she also said that it is not special, because it is part of the work. "Big Times" will be broadcast on the Easton Theater at 7:30 pm on November 26th.

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