Guo Zongkun was released from the hospital and appeared in the shrimp farm. Again, the front was soft and soft.


Ke Yirou, Guo Zongkun, who took a heart attack and entered the unit was in intensive care, was discharged from hospital after a longstanding illness over the past days, but there was evidence. that he appeared in the tinker farm late at night, and his mental state was restored. Not only have it been sent out, how will it come up there? Guo Zongkun also answered this.

After being released from hospital directly, Guo Zongkun appeared in a trap farmer and spoke to his friends late at night, and pointed out that he was carrying a judgment and a judging certificate, t and that it was about to fish in a shrimp farming with friends who were involved in insurance. The insurance issues debate, as is the current situation, the patient is also preparing to open a knife to discuss with the doctor, and has not detailed too much detail about the precise situation.

Ke Yirou said that there was a worrying message that Guo Zongkun stressed again that she didn't send sympathy, and even said she hadn't seen the child for over 100 years. and month, Ke Yirou said through his agent that he did not make a decision. Any answer.

(China Times Newsletter)

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