Gustavo Quinteros when he arrived in Chile: I was delighted with the way in which UC worked


Argentine Coach Gustavo Quinteros coming Thursday to Chile to fulfill his duties as a new coach Catholic Universityh mph West South Westerly National Championships and the Libertadores Cup.

When he reached the country, the strategy spoke to the media and said "I'm happy to be here, I was delighted with how the club has been working, who was a championship and that's in the Libertadores. It's a big club"

In addition, consulting on the challenge of revitalizing itself in success, the strategy added to "It's hard, but we're trying to improve, the team is going to improve it; play well and try to achieve the objectives. It will not be easy, "he said.

Finally, he maintained that "we work together to replace the players", also tells of their co-operation in the Copa Libertadores "They're very tough, every team is very important"closed.

In the aerial also, b & # 39; The sports manager is the "hard" José María Buljubasich, who was waiting for the engineer to come and got it after he had been. fly to land.

Quinteros will be given this Friday at a & # 39; San Carlos de Apoquindo Stadium from 13:30 a.m. (16:30 GMT).

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