Gustuff Android malware wants to connect your bank account and steal your guns


Gustuff, a new Android malware, tries to keep your bank account out and empty your bitcoin space. According to a computer security company, the badly designed software targeted at 32 cryptocurrency trade applications and up to 100 bank applications. We take account of this new threat.

the bank account android malware gustuff steal bitcoins

Gustuff is a new bank Trojan horse that is breaking up, reporting Group-IB researchers. Developed by a Russian hacker, the malware is offered on the black market at a cost of 800 dollars per month. This is a better version of Andybot, there's a bad sight to appear in 2017, celebrating the experts.

Gustuff Malware: Trojan is a dangerous target of Android users all over the world

convenient, Gustuff is able to deal with many banks, including the American Bank, the Bank of Scotland, J.P.Morgan and the various applications of cryptocurrency, as Coinbase, Bitcoin sparran or BitPay. That's not: once you've installed a smart phone, the malware gets into the money it holds. PayPal, Revolut or Union Union.

In the process, Gustuff can take the opportunity collect your WhatsApp, Skype or Ebay certificates. This data is easy to re-sell over the dark web. According to Money Guru researchers, an Ebay account sells for example at a cost of € 11 on the internet.

Once you have switched into a smartphone, the devices can malware access Android access services to get the data received for other applications, such as your bank. To be aware that it is not, Gustuff is even capable of banning Google Play Protect, the protection that checks the applications installed on your device.

Fortunately, the malware has not yet managed to break into Google Play Store. It only distributes only install vertigo APKs, broadcast via SMS or WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger messages. We advise you to be careful. For more security, we invite you to install one of these free Android antivirus.

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