Gwyneth Paltrow attacked for $ 3.1 million over the Utah ski crash in 2016


GPaltrow was convicted by a Utah doctor about convictions that fell into him on ski slopes, and was seriously injured in a "ski and run" accident.

The actress, 46, was on the slopes at the Valley Valley skiiers resort, in the Park City area of ​​Utah, when the crash was taken.

She taught a tutor, in 2016, with the tutor Eric Christiansen, and was running green at the beginning when the accident happened.

Terry Sanderson says Paltrow was skiing out of control on February 26, 2016 and hit him from the back, "knocked down it hard, knocked out, and causing brain injury, four broken ribs and other wounds. "

Dr. Sanderson is seeking $ 3.1 million in damages from the legal law, issued on Tuesday.

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