H & Ns in Nie at Miss Universe is a national uniform bread


On the evening of November 21 in Ho Chi Minh City, Miss Universe Vietnam's organizers' news conference organized Miss Universe's Hen Nie's national uniform. His daughter married Pham Phuoc Dien was encouraged. Design on "fever" is made on social networks as soon as possible.

* Her national dress for H & N Hen Nie for choosing Miss Missy

For the first time, Vietnam food was introduced into the national dress competition at the & # 39; international beauty competition. From original design, the author still needs to prepare many suggestions from the judges as well as the listeners. Thuan Viet designers comment on the new image Aran It's more elegant, suited for Nie's Nie. He also said that the weaving and bamboo adhesion of spirit "to reach out to Vietnam's taste".

The design is named Banh Mi.

Design called "Bread".

The remaining designs in the three large stages were also included Old Town – (including the Hoi An area and torch), The tiger (inspired by painting Hang Trong and Tuong Art). "All three dresses are in cultural life, Vietnam, and I'm sorry I did not choose a single behaviors to Thailand," said Mrs. Hen Nie.

Hen decided to have finished her bags almost full before she left. Its most important thing is to maintain a spirit of comfort, and obtain advanced energy from the surrounding people. She hopes that the listeners will continue to watch and listen to them. Last minute support in Ms. Universe. "Miss Missy is a Vietnam, the national producer for Miss World, 2018, which is really amazing, my most exciting time is from her youth.", He decided to Mrs. Ede.

Hoàng Yến arranges a string of lack of sound for H & N Hen Nie

H & # 39; Nen is preparing for Hoang Yen and Le Hang for Miss Universe.

At the competition, the pretty girl will look up to the image of a vibrant girl, Encourage those around her by telling a journey about a life that goes on. "I believe I'll get the same thing. I feel that every country in the world will have a minority community," said Nothing.

H & N; Hen Nie going to mainlandNovember 29. She usually used to be Mythology the top 5 highest. Her beauty is an international level of beauty playground with strong skin, body buried. Born in 1992, 1.72 m high with the same rounded measure 84-60-93 cm. A final of & # 39; Miss Universe held on 17 December.

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