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According to Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Apple has just released three iPhones in September, and it is anticipated that the iPhone will prefer their favorite XR. Apple has ordered the 70 million orders to cut one-thirds, making Hon Hai and He Shuo Providers such as Wistron have been affected.

According to a Memorandum from Bloomberg, the Hai President attempts to budget costs to be charged quickly due to the big cuts of the Apple. In 2019, it will reduce 20 billion yuan (about 2.9 billion dollars in the United States) in spending, as it will be "a contest so tough and strong". Year. "

The memorandum also said that the iPhone Hon Hai business would cost 6 billion yuan in 2019, and expects to reduce around 10% of non-technical staff. Hai spending in the last 12 months is about 6.7 billion US dollars. Hai is also expected to reduce RMB 3 billion costs by the Foxson Interactive Internet Company (Fulian Business), which is listed on a Share market.

For these news, Hon Hai reported 6-point points on the 22nd, the reduction in expenditure refused, and stressed that he did not cost R & D costs, and will continue to increase investment. In addition, the scope of its cut-off expenses is to Hundreds of companies in the Hai Group system, not constrained by Hai Hon, so media reports are not really true.

In addition, the reduction in costs is largely due to the agency's performance performance non-compliance units, as well as overseas investments that do not carry out what was expected, and including administrative, trade, external costs, but does not include the organization's research and development and new product development assets. Not only that, Hon Hai will increase R & D funding based on the format of a global format and regional features.

Hai stressed that her active Agency is a " utilizes the base of basic manufacturing technology over the past 40 years and is actively involved in business internet applications. This high-quality and long-term promotion, with the help of large data, false information (AI) and automated improvement results is implemented within the organization. Original results.

At the end, H Hon stated that he was hopeful about the future economic development of the world and his / her. believe that Sino-SA trade arrangements can be properly resolved. In the future, he will continue to attract & Encouraging young and new generations of science-based talents and world-based technology and regional features, and increasing research and development assets. The latest generation of technology research and development and new product development.

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