H1Z1 Pro League is closed down


A joint owner says "a reduction in interest" in the & # 39; game

Earlier this year, I was invited to Las Vegas for the first time H1Z1 Pro League, not H1PL. It was a big thing, glitzy was; , sent by the owners of the Twin Galaxies, with guests of celebrities such as Michelle Rodriguez who was there to launch their shirt manager, Jace Hall, consider the next positive step in an anchorage.

Players set in the league and were part of a league's $ 250,000 stipend. According to ESPN, a stipend has never been paid, and although some team owners were able to pay the costs of players out of a pocket, there were no others. Obey Alliance B & B; first team out of the league two months ago, and now the teams have been leaked from the league. According to a message sent to teams with Hall and ESPN, the league is still working to pay the teams.

The H1PL was launched in April, which traveled entirely on Facebook, but apparently did not; It can only reach 7,900 equivalent viewers on the platform. Compared to that Overwatch The League League Finalist has set up 319,000 spectators this summer. H1Z1 Now available for PC and PS4 with the latest platform to hit ten million download this year.

H1Z1 Pro League for a payer shutter [ESPN]

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