H1Z1 Pro League will close several issues


Oh, H1Z1 Pro League, we almost recognize you. A word came down on the morning today that the league would attack her; closing a shop due to a number of issues. Co-chairman Twin Galaxies Jace Hall A message out to players and organizers, who received ESPN a copy, told everyone that 2ND Split was suspended on the other side and that everyone who were involved in the league discharging their duties.

The news comes after a number of issues within the league, and # 39; including stipends payday loan for league teams, as well as unbalanced visa classification for their players, according to a VPEsports consolidated report by ESPN.

As part of participating in the league, each team played a " Receiving $ 400,000 per year – together with $ 6 million over 15 teams, telling ESPN sources. The $ 400,000 would be paid in two installments: one for the first part of the year, another for the second division. Out of the money given each division, $ 125,000 was introduced for players' salaries, with the other $ 75,000 taken for creating content and other expenses. With the league partner arrangements, these payments were due to teams seven weeks before a league division began.

According to a few different sites, due to the total financial issues, such as Cloud9, SoloMid Team, Counter Logic and more teams would have to pay out of their & # 39; pocket for loss to their own groups. In particular to pay players the money warrant without going to; play. There is almost a safe commitment to say at this time, as well as running independently, H1Z1 High quality anchorages are far beyond.

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