Ha Tang has three pants that are 3 years old and still go back


The words that fans talk about fashion style Tang Thanh Ha are a song, modern and modern. If you do not talk to the luxurious sovereign, not with the reasonable designing style, Ha Tang's style is always connected to the & # 39; most. She is not happy to look back at her old things, whenever a variety of styles is quite different. Yes, just what's not, what style, but the style of pearl girls that many people always want.

Sometimes every white t-shirt with jeans is sometimes the latest state-of-the-art style of Ha Tang and so she has a fine style and style to a thousand feet. There is a clever, Ha Sang has a heightening height of cutting; And jeans are trying to identify jeans and go to; Look at the hats of Ha Tang so long that they do not go. mocking.

Use jeans but there are not long legs, without saying that Ha Tang is a? Bring every pants to 3 years and still face to face - Picture 1.

It is true that then the Tang Thanh Ha fashion class is a new post posted an hour that is almost 10 miles. I think it's hard to put people right to need to; Wearing t-shirts and jeans like Ha Tang, this was beautiful then. The legs are cut with the long legs, and thanking a pair of jeans loe that's a? hitting the hidden ground inside.

Use long legs, but jeans, not constrained. He Tang has three pants that are 3 years and still face to face - Picture 2.

Everyone cried to Ha Tang's style, and praising her long legs. Ha Tang also shares the long legs that she has; Thanks to the pants' shapes, but they do not drag any backs.

Ha Tang's voice was enough to see how proud she was for jeans. Mixed in two ways to mix and Matched above, this is the elevated elevation of Ha, but long legs that uniform each pair of tube only 3 years ago. You can see a bit away, every year she has returned again, each one in a different style.

Use jeans but not long legs, not constrained. He raised all pants that were 3 years and still face to face - Picture 3.

From the beginning of 2016, Ha Tang is still in love with her honorable pair of jeans.

Use long legs but jeans, regardless of their increase on every three year pants and still face to face - Picture 4.

Unhappy with dusty as societies and jeans, last year she built a classical white dress with slides, not to forget to do it; wearing high heel to high shape and body. Although it is simple and very basic but is still a very class.

Apply jeans only on long legs, not a crime; In Ha Tang, every pants that are 3 years old and still have to go back - Picture 5.

In 2016, Ha Tang played a total firewall. The "denim" is only the situation of beautiful people getting out with the skilful selection of darkness everything. Compared to the two combination and game above, this is the highest elevation in hands when the highest effect is created as a result of uninterrupted seats.

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