Ha Tinh: People welcome to & # 39; established many banners of traffic


Cam Xuyen district traffic police are very excited about the people and owners of the vehicles when they are traveling. cross traffic here.

Nationwide is not much more likely for a traffic police that was established at the road cross or in traffic areas for traffic control and its location; dealing with crimes when they are involved. Beach in the cities.

However, when you reach Ha Tinh, the statues of the police police are traffic-driven traffic drivers in the Cam Xuyen (Ha Tinh) village; Pleasing not only to the people here but also the people. Vehicle owners when they go through this area.

According to PV charts, in the Ha Tinh section, but Ha Hain has only set up some traffic shelter for the standing and media controllers, and the areas other to bud for a traffic police force. For the treatment of tough, more difficult harassment.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Vo Con Mac, Cam Xuyen People's Police Commander, "A point-check was established to attract people to traffic and harassment management and maintenance for four years."

According to Mr Mac, the Ha Tinh division is only in Ha Tinh City and the Cam Xuyen area to establish the crossroads to handle the situation as well as managing transport methods.

"This is highly regarded by residents and vehicle owners who respond to traffic combats. Boots were immediately taken overseas, with the people not blind, People can monitor the breach handling clearly. Traffic police soldiers.

At the Cam Xuyen area, only one coach was built at the crossing between Nguyen Dinh Lien and Ha Huy Tap on the street, in other places due to & # 39; and people were opposed to their & # 39; pavement, so there was no place to build. Said Vo Son With Son.

In addition, according to Mr Mac, a friendly image of CSGT created by the people, the CSGT unit has organized a female to be creative, skilled in working with humans.

Nguyen Thi Cam (who lives in Cam Quan commune, Cam Xuyen area) is a give you guidance on how to pay the fine, so I did not look at the traffic light and so I was guided by the guards to the guards. memorial.

"The boat is going to deal with traffic climbing very popular with our people, and if there is a cash litter for people to pass over the CSGT, it's very sad because hundreds of eyes are spilled here. "Cam.

Nguyen T. A., the owner of a transport industry, said that households need to be established so that police traffic police forces can be kept on and off; handle breach when they participate in traffic. At the same time, the handling of crimes at their cottage is also a & # 39; restricting negative actions.

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