Habib Habib is celebrating her marriage


Mark the actor Habib Habib "I thank you for the blessing of Allah, who is blessed by God's grace, and then invite my parents and invite you from your sweetheart, and I would like to hear my story about my marriage All-powerful division to surround you with what makes you happy and always love you. "

"Relax to my brother and friend Habib Habib," said artist Rimas Mansour, one of the first preachers. God bless you and her; bless you and gather you well .. Good news, God helps you and her; give you a good descent.

Habib Hamad Al-Habib, 42, was born in Riyadh on June 28, 1976. He was one of the players who put the silence in the Saudi drama. During his 20-year career, he has made many successful jobs,Gu Assouf"Given his final Ramadan first episode, and take part in the second part of the series.

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