Habib Habib will come into the gold cage … And so listeners interact!


Saudi actor Habib Al Habib joined the gold cage from a girl outside the arts center, and his listeners took part in this identification through his own account on Twitter. Al-Habib, 40, published a picture of his marriage ceremonies and said: "Allah is a praise, which is thankful to Allah for his blessings, thanking God and then my parents know and Invite you from friends like you, and I love you all my love. The night before yesterday, maybe Allah have mercy on you to surround you with what makes you happy and happy, my love of the -the-star and ever. "The Saudi artist's audience is congratulated and hers. congratulating the story, asking for a happy life full of love and sustainability, one of his followers said: "Is the news or news on a new series? Tsuijha, Habib, as a whole, bless God bless you and bless you and collect together between yourself in the good of God Daim Zai, what is happier to us.

Another person wrote: "A thousand miles of congratulations are going to marry Abu Hamad's money, including children … Good luck, God said enthusiastically, your life Practical and Marriage ", third:" Bless God and blessings of God and bless God if God gives you a blessing. " He also had a large number of his fans describing his & # 39; his marriage contract and spread a series of humorous scenes to scenes from the series in which he took part. "God laughs all the time we have made a smile," he said. Al-Habib participated in the first part of the "Al-Asuf" series, which was last seen on Ramadan, together with a range of artists including: Nasser Al-Qasabi, Reem Abdullah, Laila Salman, Rimas Mansour , written by Abdul Rahman Alwabli, Sobh. Al-Habib started his skilled career in the Tash Mash Tash series. He took part in several series, until he started two by Fahd Al-Hayyan. After two years of participation in Ghashmashm, he appeared in "We Are All Children of a Village". He also named the artist Abdullah Al-Sadhan in the title "King of the crricket" for his ability to give any character given, and the title of Syria leader Hisham Sharabji "Habib Reddy" to be ready for any pronunciation of pronunciation and character.

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