Hackers data data from 450 thousand users to Coinmama Exchange. Christian


The international commission of Israelis Coinmama borders announced that the emails and 450,000 users of the platform were installed and installed by draggers on the deep or dark internet.

An start He named the novel this Friday, 15 February, following the release of press releases of the previous day and informed the incident.

In the statement, Coinmama declared that broke their security systems and that the data was distributed by draggers. Regarding what happened, the exchange office showed:

Our security team is analyzed and, according to the available information, Believe that the demand is limited to almost 450,000 email addresses and receiving password to users who registered to 5 August 2017.

Coinmama Team

After proofing, his / her / her / her / her / The company has no evidence that suggests that the people who are breach security on the data. The old history of the archives also stole the team's instructions saying "there is no reason to expect that any other Kinmama system is at risk." Said exchange house there was no information about the credit cards of the users in the registers.

Sales data

A report from ZDNet reported that the person in charge of the registers sold BT0 0.3497, which equates to 1,274 dollars, according to the current measure of bitcoin. According to this media, marketing of illegal data is a # 39; happening in a Market Market, a site where scammers offer "illegal substances such as consumer data, drugs, weapons, badgers and others." The user who offers the data is marked by the name name Gnostic Players.

In a week, the pirate no The pirates involved in the Coinmama case, have stolen 747 million records 24 companies. Earlier this week, hackers made their first batch with 620 million consumer data from 16 companies such as Dubsmash, MyFitnessPal, MyHeritage, ShareThis, HauteLook, Animoto, EyeEm, 8fit and Whitepages, among others.

In the second batch, as well as Coinmama, there are companies that have been attacked by attacks including Ge.tt, Ixigo, Roll20.net, Houzz, Younow, StrongHoldKingdoms and Petflow. This included a commitment of 127 million other registrars.

Ariel Ainhoren, Israel IntSights security research firm, told Tech Crunch that the piper was able to take advantage of the same failure to obtain information from the impact platform.

"Six of the 16 databases run the same PostgreSQL post-mail software," explained Ainhoren. The researcher also stated that the dragger was able to include the file and download the database by successfully using the error.

The exchange office indicated that it provides security measures to reduce the impact of the attack and avoid future threats.

However, he is very excited that the Coinmama team did not follow what happened but through third parties. Here should be interpreted as a deeper crack in their security protocols.

The disciplinary reports are not connected to changes with the cryptoactives system system. There was only a number of computer security breakdown in 2018, which focused more on theft of cryptocurrencies of the data. This was the case for CoinCheck, BitGrail, CoinSecure, CoinRail, Bithumb, Zaif, among others.

Indeed, an analysis prepared by the Icorating company is a indicates that more than 100 crypto pockets are at risk. In order to reach this result, the company analyzed 135 total exchange houses. In this way, just 16% of the platforms have only one level of security protection to protect consumer money.

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