Hagga: What happened to Messi and Ronaldo


Hagga: What happened to Messi and Ronaldo

Gonzalo Higuain is the bridge between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, in this time of shperstars. He is the only companion to Messi in Argentina, who is a partner of Ronaldo at Real Madrid. Playing with these two great characters, Higuain is fortunate? Not at all! The opposite is true. Higuain is the person who takes the most obvious accident to have committed a Messi and Ronaldo's wheel.

What about Xavi, Iniesta, Sneijder or Ribery? He may ask questions such as these. Xavi and Iniesta are delighted with the support they receive from Messi. Sneijder and Ribery remains a cause of wrongdoing. Higuain was more comfortable because he did not have a chance to complain. He is a sinner of history, an expert of the type, who has been drowned in all competitions. It includes two names Messi and Ronaldo.

Back in time, go back to the white days in East Madrid more than 10 years ago. Between the destruction of the empire Galactico Florentino Perez left El Pipita as a hope to the descendant Vicente Calderon. Let's fix it wrong. Just half a month later, Higuain received a 4-3 Real Madrid goal against Espanyol in La Liga around 34.

With 3 points, the Real took the top of Barca and reached the competition. Not many people remember this objective. A year later, at the age of 21, Higagan won a 2-1 victory for Real Madrid against Osasuna, so the Royal team had been successful in defending the national Liga team. Many people don't remember that historic time.

Raghnall was sent to Higuain by Real and Juve

Nobody knows, that Higuain is the second youngest player in the history of 100 goals in Real, just less than the truth Raul Gonzalez, who grew up from the La Fabrica of the Royal team. No-one noticed, to add to 121 goals after 264 times and to bring in Real 40 million taxes from Naples, Higuain always struggled with the worst situation. elites in the world. , from Raul Gonzalez, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Karim Benzema to Cristiano Ronaldo.

With a warrior warrior hero, Higuain almost had to rely on every opportunity to display and present the smallest opportunity. What people remember is that the captain was sent from Ronaldo by Ronald, and who helped Ronaldo not with Benzema, and so he managed to get rid of him in summer 2013. After a journey of Higgin, stopping Real Madrid time for diving. Warrior hero title with … competitions.

Worse to Higuain, Real's newest contest, Ronaldo, Benzema beat himself and Juventus. A few months later, Ronaldo went to Juventus and Higuain. However, the greatest losses at Higuain are at the club's level but in Argentina.

The game came to face the Manuel Neuer visitors and volleyball at the 2014 World Cup finals in the world. A year later, Higuan sent out the ball, one distance from 1 meter, in a distance of 11m in the penalty star at the final of Copa America, equivalent to the Albecileste, Messi competitions.
Hurry of the convict was that Messi could not win the title

Hurry of the convict was that Messi could not win the title

To coincide with the 2016 Copa of America, the situation was similar to that of the 2014 World Cup finals, Higuain fled to Claudio Bravo, a gamekeeper on, and off. post. The Argentina results are lost in the hunting scene. 3 years, 3 failures in the final, Higuain became a national criminal and was released as the destroyer of Messi's size.

There is even more fun: "Messi Raghnall doesn't like him but he only understands Higuain". He had a lot of joke, not only Higuain's pain, but his family all suffered. With that accident, nobody remembers Higuain refusing to leave France, where he was born to serve Argentina and he got 35 visits after 75 hours.

Nobody in his memory remembers Higuain's win from the outside to punish Argentina for an equal visit to the Argentine World Cup final against Belgium.

So, perhaps as it was in poor times and times of crisis, El Pipita had regretted the decision 10 years ago. But a unique history, Higuain is always a convict, forever the title of title, forever the biggest problem in Messi and Ronaldo. It was someone who lived in quarantine of his age, buried slowly, buried in the depth, he didn't get out of it.

So today, to stop a sting, to put an end to the pity, El Pipita came out and said: "Enjoying the popularity of the national team, I would like to end my career." ".

Higgan achievement in Argentina's shirt

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