Hai Phong crossing was built


Wednesday, 11/18/2018, 00:13 (GMT + 7)

Reviewing more than 5km of Tan Vu – Cat Hai bridge, the regulatory unit can collect 2 kg of sheets.

In the evening of 19/11, Tan Vu-Lach staff Huyen Automobile Maintenance Enterprise, 1kg of iron appliances, was gathered under the Stock Company of the North North Vietnam Partnership and Accomodation Advisors. Photograph: CTV

Dinh on the far bridge across the sea in Vietnam. Photograph: CTV

On 19/11, many people ride cyclists, cars through the Tan Vu bridge – Lach Huyen (Cat Hai area) and & # 39; Find spices to find a lot of iron nails. At least one single motor motor is fitted, crushed, demolished.

Getting around 1 kilograms of shingles, Tan Vu – Lach Huyen Automobile Maintenance and Maintenance Enterprise (maintenance unit, bridge operator) moved the methods and power to clean. Next morning, the unit continued its water debris car, and # 39; gathering about 1 kilogram burn. All the 5 cm and 3 cm panels are new, they are not used.

The total length of the brook is 3-5 cm. Picture: Giang Chinh

The total length of the brook is 3-5 cm. Photograph: Giang Chinh

On the plan to stop "hackers", the campaign is going to "#; planning security cameras at the end of the bridge, arrange vehicles to save people who suffer from the device.

On the same day, Lieutenant Colonel Le Anh Son, head of CSGT No. 42 (Hai Phong Police Department) said the police did not see the man. However, if there is a "pirate" situation, the unit will co-ordinate the Hai Polis and the Hai Polis area police in the survey, handle this dangerous behavior hard.

To ensure that the people and the vehicles across the Tan Vu Bridge - Cat Hai, maintain the maintenance of Tan Vu road vehicles - Lach Huyen has pushed a car to collect thieves. Photograph: CTV

Cleaners will ensure that people and vehicles are able to; crossing the bridge safelyPostcard: CTV

Tan Vu – Cat Hai is the easiest viaduct in the & # 39; Vietnam with Tan Vu – the Lach Huyen road project to the Hai Phong town link with the Cat Hai area for a length of 15.63 km, with the bridge 5,443 kilometers long.

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